• Image Afrique (map)
  • Theaterplatz
  • Basel
  • Switzerland

Image Afrique is an annual photography exhibition created with the aim of redefining people’s perceptions of Africa and offering a stage for African photography. Five outstanding photographic projects from international photographers are on show at Image Afrique as part of POPCAP including:

Filipe Branquinho – Interior Landscapes
Zed Nelson – South Africa – After Mandela
Tahir Carl Karmali – Jua Kali
Zied Ben Romdhane – Children of the Moon
Romaric Tisserand – Ultramar ( Empire Travel Club)

Also two historic photography projects:
African Photography Initiatives – Inside and outside... photography
HIP Uganda – Elly Rwakoma (b1937)

POPCAP is a contemporary African photography competition that was created in order to promote African photography in the arts and to increase publicity for artists whose work deals with the African continent.
The award consists of a series of international exhibitions, with the aim of drawing attention to African photography worldwide and giving artists an opportunity to network.

With the fourth edition in 2015, in cooperation with Image Afrique, the mother exhibition in Basel and seven other exhibition partners in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, we have succeeded in establishing an exciting network that will ensure the winning works are made available to a broad and relevant audience.
What began in 2012 with 140 entries and just one exhibition has grown in a mere three years to 720 submissions and eight exhibitions. We are delighted with the success and esteem that POPCAP has garnered within the global photography scene. This supports POPCAP and by extension the promotion of African photography, especially through the lively sharing of our call-out and through media coverage of the exhibitions and winners. We look forward to further consolidating our African photography network and to discovering and promoting new talent within the photographic world.

Image Afrique also presents the work of African Photography Initiatives – a collective that, led by their enthusiasm for the African continent’s rich visual heritage, in particular photographs, decided to create a website entirely dedicated to African photography. African Photography Initiatives has since been consistently involved in various projects which in one way or another have the common goal of promoting Africa’s rich photographic heritage.
Image Afrique also presents works from History In Progress Uganda(HIPUganda), a collective that assembles and publishes photographs from collections and archives in and about Uganda. By doing this they provide opportunities to relate to, react to, and think about Uganda’s history in photographs.

Dates: 13 – 25 June 2015
Hours: Open 24/7
Opening: 12 June 18–20h